Soft & Spongy Rasgulla by Gagangiri

These juicy white balls are pure chhena dipped in light syrup. This exquisite and delicious sweet is heartily to everyone, especially sweet lovers. During Festivals, you may open the Can and garnish it with Kesar or Dry Fruits for a more awesome experience for your guests. Gagangiri Rasgulla is ready to eat and made to enjoy every occasion with family and friends.




Refined Sugar, Water, Milk Solids (Chhanna) & Rose Water

Used for

Consuming Directly. Ready to eat.

Available in

1 Kg Tin


Keep in Cool place. Do not refrigerate.

Shelf Life

Best before 12 months from packaging

per 100g*
Energy 277 kcal
Carbohydrates 58.0g
Fat 1.2g
Protein 8.52g
Added Sugar 52.0g

*Approximate Values

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