Masala Chaas

The refreshing Masala Butter Milk from Gagangiri

Masala Chaas is one of the most refreshing drinks especially during summers. It lets you cool off instantly. It’s the magic of Salts, Spices and Condiments that makes the already refreshing Butter milk, one of the most loved dairy beverages. Gagangiri Masala Chaas is a ready to drink beverage. Just pour your glass with this and delight yourself and your guests.

Gagangiri Chaas is packed  in 200 ml polypack. Just sip it from the pack or pour it in a glass, Its your way.


Masala Butter Milk


Milk Solids, Water, Common Salt, Spices and Condiments

Used for



Ready to Serve beverage

Available in

200ml Polypack


Keep Refrigerated

Shelf Life

Use within 4 days if refrigerated below 4°C

per 100g*
Energy 24.2 kcal
Carbohydrates 1.5g
Fat 1.3g
Protein 1.7g
Added Sugar 0mg

*Approximate Values

Recipes you can make with Gagangiri Masala Chaas
  • Mint Chaas

    Add a bit of mint to your favourite Masala Chaas. Delight yourself and your guests with this breathtaking combination. Its very easy and takes only minutes....

  • Smoked Chaas

    Here we are going to learn to add smoky flavour to Gagangiri Masala Chaas. You are going to love this extra add-on....

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