Gagangiri – The Brand

Gagangiri makes delicious dairy products. It is the flagship brand of S.R. Thorat Milk products Pvt. Ltd.

A decade ago, Gagagiri was established when the company took a step towards making Dairy Processed products. Since then, the brand has come a long way in becoming a known brand and the brand is continuously adding newer products to its portfolio. 

All Gagangiri products are prepared from locally sourced milk. Everyday, farmers from nearby regions deliver fresh milk to our Bulk Milk Collection centres and through chilled vans, its brought to our processing units where delicious dairy products are made through Hygienic and Efficient process. 

Our consumers holds a high value and faith to the brand and this is why Gagangiri are committed towards the Quality and making rich, nutritious and delicious dairy products.


The Rising Sun

Sun is our source of energy. It brings life and freshness. Sunrise too is mark of a new beginning, a fresh start.


The Sky and the Ground

The Sun is rising in the valley. The horizon is being formed with the Sky and the Ground. This is a statement towards our vision.


The Pack

Encapsulated with a profound shape, the logo is shaped in balance which denotes the sustainable practices of the business.

Quality Assured

Gagangiri makes milk based products and it assures the uncompromising quality of its products. This is our intention and our core promise to our consumers .

Gagangiri wishes to establish itself as a valued and trusted brand in the market. Through Quality and delivering it consistently, it wishes to stay at the hearts of consumers.


This is a promise, our commiment to consumers. We are making good and pure products and so its packed in a manner that it reaches to consumers in the same pure form.

The milk, the conservation, the caring, the ingredients, the formulation, the process and all that which goes into making our products, all captivates the core intention to produce Pure products. We also ensure through packaging means, it reaches in the same condition, the time when it is packed.

The finest Products

While assuring quality, Gagangiri maintains its notion of richness and flavor it bring to various recipes. The most anticipated and most reliable, this is what Gagangiri is and will stay forever.

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Be the Chef

Gagangiri invites you to explore the Chef in you. Rejoicing our tradition of cooking with Milk and Dairy Products, Gagangiri pose an opportunity to explore many recipes with its Products. If you desire to cook to impress your guests or your taste buds, Gagangiri products are meant to help you.

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